Friday, January 12, 2018

Living the lowcountry life!!

It has been a while we now have four kids and live at the beach.  Our youngest little hoodlum is Braedon.  he is 3 years old and a handful right now he is running crazy and loving life.  since our last post I (heather) got my CNA and worked at a nursing  home for a few years.  we then moved to the lowcountry of SC.  we are loving it near the beach.  Our little family!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

family pictures 2010!

We had our neighbor do our pictures this year and we really liked them.

Ainslee is 5!!

I know that this is really late since her birthday was in November but at least I am posting it right. Okay so Ainslee turned 5 on November 21. We had a friend party for her and she loved it. It was a princess theme and we had everything pink and purple. She does not like pizza so we had subs from Quiznos with veggies fruit chips and pink popcorn. Her cake was a princess I made the barbie princess. She loved everything she even got a pinata.

All the kid opening presents.
Her cake she said it needed more flowers but I thought it was good.

Our little Princess!

She wanted me to practice curling her hair during the week so it looked like this almost everyday.

I cannot believe she is already 5 she grew up too fast!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

First broken bone!

Connor fell off the bed the night before womens conference. He has fallen before so I thought he would be fine. Well at church the next day I noticed he would not put any weight on his leg. monday we took him to the doctor , then the xray, then the bone specialist. turns out he fractured his tibula near the ankle. They put a soft cast on him. He is all better now but as you can see I could not keep him down while he had it on.

Still moving around like nothing happened!!

Tyler is Seven!!

Tyler's birthday was actually on the 9th but it has been a busy couple of weeks. first I took him on a morning date to dunkin donuts. Then Thomas took the kids to a place called the fun depot. They had alot of fun its is kinda like a Frankies fun park. Then we had the party at the park

He had a few friends come and alot of cousins.

He wanted a Transformer cake again(that is two years in a row)!!

After the friend party both side of the family Hood and Caldwell crammed into our apartment for food and cake. Sorry I did not get pictures of this. I think it turned out to be a good birthday for him all together.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Connor is 1 year old!!!!

My baby turned one on the 7th. We had a small party for him. Then Saturday we had a big party with all the family and friends.

My neibor is taking 1 year old pictures for us. Here is a little sample of her work.

The cake monster!!!

I think he enjoyed his birthday. Thank you to all the family and friends that were able to come.

Hood Family Vacation 2010

We went on a vacation this past summer with the Hoods. This is the first time in a few years that all the siblings have been together. We went rafting, tubing, watched movies and just had alot of fun together.

The three youngest boys Daniel, Caleb and Connor.

All the grand kids. This picture took some bribery(cupcakes to be exact).

Tyler on the hike.

Ainslee on the hike.

All of the Hood clan.

Our little Hood clan.